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With this command you can get the playlists for audio files or video files which can also be used directly in a media player like JW Media Player.

To get the playlists for a user, festival or label:

Explanation of the fields:

Fields Values Description Optional?
entity artist, user, source or festival Of which entity you want the playlist from n
mbid [a-z0-9-]{36} ID of the Artist from MusicBrainz. Only used when entity = artist

mbid = f.e. 0c751690-c784-4a4f-b1e4-c1de27d47581
username [a-z0-9]

Username of the user or festival from the Cloudspeakers database.
Only used when using user/festival entity.

format xml, rss, asx, json Format of the playlist. - XML will return XSPF format which is a subset of XML. 
- RSS is in Yahoo media format.
- ASX is a windows playlist format
Reference: http://www.jeroenwijering.com/?item=Supported_Playlists

- JSON: See below of the json format. http://www.json.org/
parameters See below in Available parameters Parameters which can be added only through GET. y

Available parameters:

Name Value Description
max [0-9]+ Maximum number of tracks/videos to display (default = 50)
callback [a-zA-z0-9_]+ Callback function which is used in JSONp
type audio/video Which type of playlist. Only audio or only video. (default = both)

Examples of URLs:

All artists in XML/XSPF format:
RSS feed of artist 'Animal Collective' in Yahoo media RSS formaat:
XML (XSPF) audio feed of festival Glastonbury 2008
Playlist for user Adriaan in RSS format with max 10 items
Playlist in JSON format of festival Lowlands 2009