Access to the API

The Cloudspeakers API can be accessed with and without an API key.

Anonymous access:

You can access the API without an API key.
The limit is 250 requests per hour per IP. Be gentle with the requests and don't waist your hourly max in a couple of seconds.

If you want a higher rate limit then get a developer API key.
This key can be generated with a Cloudspeakers account

Steps to get the API key:

  1. Register (or login if you have already an account) for an account at the Cloudspeakers website
  2. After confirming your email address go to the developer page and create your API key.
  3. Use that key in all of your requests to the API.
  4. Please keep that key a SECRET at all times!!!

How does the key system work?

Your API key is a secret. Your rate limit will be attached to the API key. So if you loose it or if the key is exposed to the public, others can use your key and it will cost you requests. Probably hit the rate limit sooner then you expect. If you lost the key or think it is exposed please contact us and signup for a new developers key.
The default rate limit of an API key is 500 requests per hour per IP. If you want more please send an email to tech [ad] cloudspeakers [dot] com and state your reason, Cloudspeakers username and api key.

Using the API key

You can use the API key as a GET parameter. See the example below: