The Cloudspeakers API is a REST API and makes it possible for developers to access the data of Cloudspeakers.
Some examples uses of the API:
  • Getting the playlist of an artist or user
  • Viewing reviews of an artist or an album
  • Getting the hottest artists or albums.
  • Getting all external links of an artist
  • ...
For all calls you will need an API key. The API key can be registered ony with a Cloudspeakers account. See the Access to the API chapter for details.


The service endpoints of the Cloudspeakers API are listed in the table below. Each version has its own endpoint. Please use the latest stable release for your applications, and only use the experimental release when agreed with the Cloudspeakers API team, as the parameters and results may change (as it is experimental!). This documentation will only describe the latest stable version.

   version  url
 Experimental latest
 Latest stable release  2.0
 1.1  n/a (25/01/2010)
 Deprecated  1.0 and below

This documentation

This page, and the rest of the Cloudspeakers API documentation can be found with this shortcut:
Detailed documentation on each call can be found in this doc.